Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Various effective tips on balancing work and fertility treatment

Most of the women are busy these days and taking the infertility treatment as one of the biggest hurdles in their life.  Your fertility surgeon will make the outline for your treatment and thus it becomes so much challenging to balance your work with the fertility treatment.  We are specialized as best IVF centre in India in order to provide the best infertility treatment.

Tips to maintain your work with the infertility treatment

Enlist a buddy

At your work, you can talk to your boss that you are taking the fertility treatment. No doubt, this is your individual decision and you have to weigh all the pros and cons. You may say to your boss that you have to avoid the travel business meetings if you started with your fertility treatment.

Technology is your friend

Most of us have instant access to emails and documents on the phones and tablets these days. We are mostly responding trough the emails.
Work is not the enemy

There are some people who take leave from work at the time of the treatment. There are some people who think that work will put their more at the verge of illness. But studies have revealed that being free will make you more stressful as compared to the work. Instead, being productive will be a sense of achievement for you.

Put yourself first - for a change

There are large numbers of people who give the work more preference and do more work even in extra hours. This time is perfect to change such one-sided habits and indulge yourself in all phases of life. Make sure that you must have proper time for eating, sleep, exercise, relaxation and make fun with the family and friends.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Which is the best IVF clinic in India?

IVF is the best infertility treatment for women. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the treatment in which embryo develops outside the female body. In this treatment, female eggs are combined with male sperm outside the body. Further, stimulating and monitoring of ovary’s process is done. The main motive is to create an embryo in a laboratory dish. When the cell division start then fertilization has taken place, then after 4 to 6 days measurement of the embryo. It is shifted into women uterus and then women become pregnant. The best embryo is tested by blastocyte test. The recovery time of IVF treatment is almost none.

Go through this video, to gain more related information

Monday, 11 September 2017

Low Sperm Count-A Common Problem

What Do You Mean By Low Sperm Count?

It is a situation in which the fluid called semen when discharged out during orgasm is lesser in number as it should be. When men discharge, approximately 240 million sperms are released. Out of this million sperms, only a few say 100 will reach the fallopian tubes. Sperms have to reach fallopian tubes to reach an egg that has been ovulated.


A problem of low sperm count can be estimated from a continuous attempt to have a baby.
Low desire for sex is also a symptom.


Generally, men take up a fertility check test involving analysis of semen.
In this sample of semen is taken, the total sperms are counted. Then the movable sperms are counted.
How much sperm is concentrated per milliliter of semen help us to detect low sperm count?
The IVF test also helps in testing the low sperm count.


1. Use of drugs reduces the quality of sperm
2. Obesity is also one of the reason.
3. Infections like HIV are also responsible
4. Discharge issues like semen entering the bladder instead of getting out through the penis.
5. Different types of tumors can affect the sperm production.


Low sperms that are healthy have the capability to make women pregnant with continuous attempts.
IVF treatment is the best solution.

For getting low sperm count treatment in India various centers have been opened One of them being the SOFAT INFERTILITY CENTRE where proper treatment is available for the people facing low sperm count.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Obviously Intrauterine Insemminantion is perhaps the most minimally invasive assisted reproductive treatment you will find worldwide. The treatment only requires sperms to be introduced into the woman’s vagina (near the Fallopian Tubes) to increase the chances of conception.

IUI can be done with the help of fertility drugs or an HCG injection (trigger shot) which is a hormone to stimulate the ovaries into producing viable eggs before the sperms are delivered into the woman.

What is the target in IUI

The main target in IUI is to bring the sperms closer to the eggs in order for them to get fertilized. Normally, the sperms have to travel a long distance to find the eggs in the Fallopian tubes for fertilization to occur. IUI treatment in India increases the chances of conception in the identified infertile patients.

IUI is mostly considered in the case of the following;
  • Male infertility (poor sperm motility or low sperm count)
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Cervical mucus
  • Endometriosis
What you must know with IUI

  • The procedure requires less time, efforts, and money
  • Any woman aged under 35 has a 25% chance of getting pregnant
  • Success chances decrease with age
  • It has some side effects like
  • Minor cramping
  • Spotting
  • Miscarriage
Is IUI For me?

Though many couples would wish to undergo IUI treatment many are quite disappointed when they learn that they have to take on IVF treatment. The fact is IUI deals with slight or minor infertility cases and that is why it requires major evaluation in order not to waste money and time.

To know more about IUI treatment you can watch this video:

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Infertility due to Blocked Fallopian Tubes and treatment

A Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia are the leading causes of Blocked Fallopian Tubes. Sexually transmitted diseases may be underestimated, but problematic at the end because they silently damage the Fallopian tubes. The Fallopian tubes are a passage where the egg flows from the ovaries to the uterus for implantation after fertilization.

The success of the treatment depends on the extent to which they have been damaged. If the Fallopian tubes are not removed and just relieved, there are higher chances of an ectopic pregnancy and it is a serious condition.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes treatment in India can be begun with a Laparoscopic evaluation where the extent of damage is evaluated before a surgery is conducted to unblock the tubes. There are two procedures to unblock the Fallopian tubes which are

·        A laparoscopic surgery

·        An open surgery

Any procedure is picked as the doctor may have evaluated in the in the examination process of the Fallopian tubes.

If the tubes are severely damaged or it is predicted that the surgery may not be of help, there is no need to perform any surgery, but rather assisted reproductive techniques are used to help a woman conceive.

IVF is the best treatment where fertilization is conducted in the laboratory and the best embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus for implantation and development. You can consult a specialist at Dr. Sofat Infertility clinic to help you in treating the blocked tubes or any other form of infertility.

 Couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving and looking for the best and low cost center, must contact Sofat Infertility center. You can read the reviews of our patient, who is paying thanks to our surgeon for bringing happiness in their life.

Click on the below link in watch the video in which our surgeon( Dr. Sumita Sofat) is explaining the procedure of IVF egg retrieval. If you want best and safe IVF treatment, then you must contact Sofat Infertility Center.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Are Advanced Reproductive Techniques A Platform For Surrogacy?

The answer is yes, assisted reproductive techniques are increasing the rate of surrogacy in India. In the past, traditional surrogacy was commonly used a method that is taken to be artificial insemination. In this, the surrogate’s eggs would be used and the sperms are taken from the intended father. The child was connected to the surrogate.

Today, all possible means are performed especially with the help of IVF to get a genetic child and the surrogate only surrenders her womb for the period of nine months. This type of surrogacy is known as gestational surrogacy and it is preferred over the former. Surrogacy in India is providing an ultimate chance for barren couples to have a child/children in the lives. Couples with various related issues like infertility, cardiovascular problems, physical disabilities, HIV/AIDs, weak or no wombs, miscarriages, and low sperm count can benefit from surrogacy.

The procedure of surrogacy begins with modifying the menstrual periods of the intended mother and the surrogate. Fertility drugs may be given to the intended mother to produce more eggs for the IVF procedure. The day 2 or day 21 technique is used in the case of the intended mother. When using the day 2 technique (antagon), dental beginning control pills are provided and on the second day of the times, gonadotropin shots or injections are started and USG tracking is done every single day. Oestrogen tablets are given to the surrogate to prepare her womb for implantation and development of the embryo. 

Sofat Infertility Centre is providing the successful surrogacy services in India at very affordable prices. You can get well-educated, smart surrogates that belong to sound families. Look at our one of the surrogacy cases that has provided lots of happiness in this family. 

However, to watch more successful cases at our centre, you can go through this video or visit our website.

Friday, 14 April 2017

A True IVF Success Story at Sofat Infertility Centre

There is no doubt that success rate of the IVF treatment greatly depends on certain factors like age, the cause of the infertility problem or whether the problem is because of male infertility or female infertility etc. But if you will choose the best centre or the well expert surgeon for your treatment then the success rates of the IVF treatment can be increased. Here in this post, we are going to discuss our one of the successful story of IVF treatment at our clinic.

The story is about a couple from Bathinda namely Krishan Laal and Umpatti who have undergone through the IVF treatment from our center in 2013. They were not able to receive a child even after 30 years of their marriage. They struggled for the treatment at many places. They tried many ayurvedic and surgical treatments from for many clinics. When all the treatments got failed, they were left with no zero hope of having a child in their dream even.

Then once they heard about Dr. Sumita Sofat on internet. They visited our clinic and discussed their issue with the doctor. Dr. Sumita Sofat treated the couple with IVF and its related new techniques and they got very happy when they saw the pregnancy report as positive.  Their dream came true only with Sofat Infertility Centre.

In this way, you can check our more IVF success stories from our website and you can also listen to their reviews from the listed videos.